Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I purchased a movie for the wrong location by accident. Can I refund my ticket?

A. YES! Simply use this link and enter the appropriate information used to purchase the movie. Note, that online refunds are only available for tickets purchased online using the website (no third parties, i.e. Fandango). Refunds also are only accepted up to 1 hour before the scheduled showtime. If it is after please contact the theater for which you purchased the ticket.

Q. I am looking for a donation for my school. Who do I contact?

We love giving back to our community! Please be aware that due to the shear volume of donation requests we receive on a daily basis not all donation requests can be granted. Each location has a monthly cap amount that they are required to adhere to. For donation requests please contact the event manager at the location you are requesting from. You may also use our contact form which will take your request to the right person as well.