October, 2020

A Precious Child

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

A Precious Child has helped more than 286,000 children challenged by poverty, abuse, neglect or crisis situations. They are a nonprofit organization that works with eight counties across Colorado. The great majority of their staff is made up of volunteers, specifically 6,700 a year. Although their name is directed towards "children", their goal is focused to help families in need. Additionally, they are made up of eight different initiatives: "Precious Essentials", "Basics 4 Babies", "Inspiring Minds", "Edussentials" , "Fill a Backpack", "giveARTS", "giveSPORTS", and "Precious Gift". Each of these initiatives is directed to benefit the overall growth and wellbeing of children, while including the families that ultimately shape their childhoods. Their main focus of donations is clothing, which is completely free to those who have requested needs.

Thank you so much Joshua for the wonderful tour, and for making the time to spend with us! You were wonderful! We could easily tell A Precious Child has a very special place in your heart!