September, 2022

Graffiti Beauty Salon

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

The owners at Graffiti Beauty Salon have been hosting Graffiti Day and raising awareness in our community for unity and supporting families in our area.

“I think as a community, it’s our job to be unified in our stance on what’s okay and how to treat people,” said Brandee Gordo, owner of Graffiti Beauty and Barber.

Gordo explained her husband is Hispanic, and they have biracial children. Her husband is a co-owner of the business, and they have been hosting the event for the past three years.
“Our whole goal with opening a business called ‘Graffiti’ was to introduce some different culture to Rexburg and to provide a place for people no matter what walk of life you are from,” Gordo said.

Leading up to the event, Gordo created a video and interviewed several people in the community about what equality means to them. Watch in the player above.

She is looking forward to the event and said it grows each year.

“It is something to celebrate our community and give back to our community and also introduce culture that isn’t normally readily available here,” Gordo said.

Through raffles and donations from the community that attended Graffiti Day, they were able to raise funds for a local family whose father was just diagnosed with cancer. We are a better community for having the Gordo family part of it and all of the great they do for those living here. We are excited to see this annual event grow bigger every year!

Behavioral Health Crisis Center of East Idaho

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

At the Behavioral Health Crisis Center of East Idaho they welcome all individuals who need a non-judgemental and comforting environment, with a program that is geared toward adults (18 years old+) who need support for their mental health challenges and/or substance abuse issues. With September being Suicide Awareness Month, they are encouraging all of us to spread awareness, check on friends and family, and become educated on the pressing issue. We hope we can all break the stigma around mental health.

Everyone faces challenges in the journey of life. Regardless of your obstacles, there is hope and we can help.