February, 2020

United Food Bank

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

United Food Bank services 25,00 square miles in the heart of Arizona, and helps 22% of Arizona's population. Arizona is ranked 12 in the country for having children, adults and seniors struggle with hunger. United Food Bank supplies Arizonans with emergency food, they feed 435 thousand children with food. With 20% of the state living in poverty the food they supply is essential to our state. All of the families they support struggle monthly, 50% choosing between paying for food or utilities and 41% choose between paying for food or their rent or mortgage. We are in the process of setting up fund raisers to help with the feeding of our Arizona families.

Arizona Youth Rough Riders

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Arizona youth rough riders Has been in the east valley for over 32 years, their goal it to teach youth responsibilities and to keep youths out of trouble. They try to curtail drug and alcohol use and bring parents and youths together with quality time in training and caring for horses. They try to develop respect for the law through the use of officers, deputies and qualified trainers, it instills in youths a greater community attachment. They keep the youths involved through recreational and competitive sportsmanship and activities and to save the wild Mustangs.

This organization was founded by the late Judge Gail Goodman and the dream still lives today.

The Arizona Youth Rough Riders organization is strictly a volunteer organization with no wages and all money gained is used to keep the facility in good order by providing repairs, upgrades and paying utilities. They also support 4-H organizations and the community by providing open Equestrian events.

Through the events listed below and family participation, hard work, sacrifice, dedication, they are teaching youth community responsibility, pride, loyalty, commitment and the values of becoming good citizens.
• Gymkhanas
• Horse shows
• Trail Rides
• Parades
• Flag and Drill Teams
• Team roping
• Camp Outs
• Picnics/ BBQ’s
• Working with Mustangs