February, 2022

Love Society

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Our mission:

Creating a community of LOVE by encouraging children, adults and businesses to get involved in making a difference through events and filling Love Bags for children and families in need.

Love Society was founded by Jennifer Cooper in 2014. Her education and experience with children led her to create a community project that evolved into so much more. She started this foundation to give children, families and businesses grass-root opportunities to give back in a fun way that would continue and become a part of their lives.

Love Society donates Love Bags to families and children ranging from cancer, homeless, foster and human trafficking, When Love bags are being donated an event is also hosted for those receiving the Love Bags, we believe in not only donating LOVE BAGS, but also creating and building relationships with those we are helping.

Love Society has collected, assembled and donated over 16,000 love bags filled with high quality necessities that each child or family can call their own. A Love Bag is a token to show them that the there is an entire community out here that truly cares about them.