July, 2021

LadyBoss Organization

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Since 2017 we have gathered together to celebrate and support our community. As women we have walked next to one another to lift our partners up by giving back.

The LadyBoss Organization is a group of strong women igniting our passion to make a positive contribution within our communities. Through donating our time and energies, we will work to provide fundraising and service opportunities to organizations who are in need.

The LadyBoss’ will create a space to empower women and emphasize their strengths. We strive to motivate younger generations to hear
the call of civil service and volunteerism.

Why is LadyBoss important to you?

We get to touch so many different lives which gives me the opportunity to learn about some incredible missions!! The LadyBoss' drive, compassion, and watching them lift eachother up is a massive conduit for me to become the change I want to see in this world. I hope others see that in us, and find that within themselves too!