August, 2020


Knows It's Fun to do Good!

"We Make Serving Easy"


We seek out areas of greatest need and provide relief, cultivating goodness in our local communities and worldwide.
We find the greatest need through research, active involvement in our community and tours of local facilities and organizations. We network with individuals and organizations who best align with our purpose and values.


We gather in meaningful local events and online platforms, uniting in a common goal of helping others.
We do the legwork by preparing and organizing meaningful projects and events. Then we invite all in our community to join us in bringing aid to those in need. We make serving easy!


Our foremost objective is to lift and bring joy to those we serve and with whom we serve.
Those we serve will be lifted (in ways we may not fully understand), as we intentionally assist with their needs. But it will not stop there. All involved will experience the unexplainable lift that comes from serving! As we work together doing good, friendships will form by those of all backgrounds, strengthening our community. Each person plays a vital role. We invite YOU to come, join us in Cultivating Goodness within our community!

State Forty Eight

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Congratulations to State Forty Eight on the formation of their 501 c3 Non profit Foundation.

State Forty Eight is looking forward to making a huge impact on our local communities by being a voice and mentor to business start ups and local entrepreneurs. We are excited to see the positive impact you will make in our neighborhood… and beyond!!!

Founded in 2013 by local entrepreneurs, Michael, Stephen and Nicholas, State Forty Eight was born out of a shared passion and appreciation for the great state of Arizona. More than just apparel line, State Forty Eight represents a lifestyle, a sense of community and is an expression of pride. From sports fans and outdoor explorers to the more fashion-forward, the homegrown brand offers gear for all thats both stylish and comfortable. Above all else though, State Forty Eight is about redefining the status-quo and inspiring others to rise up and stand for something they believe in. So wear it loud and wear it proud, and let the State Forty Eight logo serve as a reminder to proclaim your passions but never forget where you came from.