November, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and Pregnancy Care Centers of Gilbert and Chandler knows it!

The Pregnancy Care Center is a non-profit 501c (3) organization that assists women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We provide free services including pregnancy tests, options counseling, referrals, and resources as well as ultrasounds. We lovingly and accurately discuss all options so our clients can make an informed choice.

Learn and Earn is a key program at the center which allows parents to learn the skills they need while earning credit towards brand new baby items from our boutique.

The Pregnancy Care Center is funded by businesses, churches, fundraising events and individuals in our community. PCC has a small paid staff but is run primarily by volunteers.


That every client is loved, cared for and equipped.

Mission Statement

To provide free compassionate care, before, during and after pregnancy.


The Gilbert center is located at the corner of Warner Rd. and Lindsay Rd. (480) 374-2994.

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It's Fun To Do Good and Inspire Music. Service. Hope knows it!

Our mission is to lift hearts and inspire others through music, education, and service

In 2006, Michael Sackett, co-founder, and CEO of INSPIRE: music.service.hope (IMSH), was at an orphanage in China on tour with Brigham Young University’s Young Ambassadors. As he sat there, he held in his lap a super smiley, pigtailed, bucktooth girl – who kept biting him.  In that moment, he realized that he had so much in his life. Here he sat with a girl who was dropped off on a doorstep at birth. She would never know her parents or experience a “normal” life like many of us have. It was in that moment he knew he needed to do more.


Michael’s experience above, along with many others, helped create the idea of INSPIRE. Five years later he, along with Kylee, co-founded IMSH.


We at IMSH fully believe in the power of music and the arts. Yehudi Menuhin once said: “Music is therapy. It is a communication far more powerful than words, far more immediate, far more efficient.”


There are so many noises that surround and distract us each day. They keep us from the most important things in life. They can be destructive, harmful, and potent- that’s why many struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. We hope the programs at IMSH give people from all walks of life the ability to express themselves and find out the person they truly are. Music allows us to discover freedom, healing, joy, and happiness.


We seek to lift hearts in the lives of all who interact with IMSH, both as a participant on one of our many tours, helping at our service projects, being a part of the music, and as a beneficiary of the many wonderful projects we do.

Give a shout out to Inspire Music. Service. or lend support to their cause HERE.