August, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and We're Moving Forward knows it!

We’re MOVING FORWARD! is a small 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded by three women whose own lives were dramatically impacted along with that of a family member who sustained a traumatic brain injury. Ronda Alcorn, Linda Countryman, and Tara Pepiton all have sons who were the unfortunate victims of such an injury and we understand first hand the long and difficult process involved in recovering from such a devastating event. We also understand the challenges faced by both the survivor and their families when trying to rebuild lives that were so drastically changed forever in an instant.


We’re MOVING FORWARD! was thus formally established as a non-profit organization on October 14, 2014 as a means to continue offering this very important avenue for growth, and do it in a way that will allow us to reach more families and provide a wider range of group activities and events. The organization is structured in such a way as to involve the entire group in the planning, funding, and execution of group events and activities; further providing the stepping stones for our participants to initiate and become involved in the rebuilding of their own social lives, develop new relationships, and continue to strengthen existing ones. With the overall goal of providing a sense of community among the survivors and family members, we hope to create more opportunities for peer mentoring and leadership, encourage the exchange of ideas and information, and ultimately inspire the return of hope, strength, and joy to those who get involved.

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WMF's Annual Social Bowl Fundraising Event

Everyone is Welcome! All Abilities! All Ages!

Sept 22nd. 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

It's Fun To Do Good and Dogs 4 Vets knows it!

American Service Animal Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enabling disabled veterans to live a more productive life through the use of service animals.

We offer LIFETIME support and service dog training for approximately 100 Arizona veterans each year – at no cost to the veteran.

There are thousands of Arizona veterans that are disabled after returning from duty. These veterans need help adjusting back to normal life. Our Dogs4Vets program involves training the veteran’s own dog so they become a certified Service Dog.

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