September, 2018

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Second Wind Fund | Denver, CO

It's Fun To Do Good and Second Wind out of Denver Colorado knows it!

On Thursday, August 23rd, Fatcats had the opportunity to visit with the wonderful staff at Second Wind Fund at their newest location in Denver! There is a staff of 5, Ersin, Program and Outreach Coordinator, Maureen, Executive Director, Kayla, Program Director, Mandy, Controller/Director of Operations and Chris, Development Director who take great pride in their services!

Second Wind Fund is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to pay for therapy for youth who are at risk for suicide. They do not believe in the word "no" and they help all youth who is in need of assistance ages 19 and under. They offer help with financial barriers, transportation, counseling services and support.

Second Wind Fund has been actively supporting youth for 17 years! They help statewide in 30 different counties. This last year they have helped over 600 children and families receive therapy help. Since they have started 17 years ago they have helped over 5,000 children and families! The rate of suicide is on the rise and they are working on getting awareness of the community about their services and help they provide.

Their program is very straightforward. They take referrals for youth at risk and then they pay for their therapy. There are services for families to utilize without being overwhelmed. 90% of their referrals are received from schools.

There is a network of therapists, 250, who volunteer to be connected with Second Wind Fund. All money raised to pay for therapy services are raised through multiple fundraising events throughout the year.

Next fundraising event they are hosting is a 5k fun run and a 5k and 1-mile walk located at Green Mountain High School and Green Mountain Presbyterian Church on Saturday, September 15, 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

Future goals for their organization are to be able to raise money every year with their fundraising events to expand their services and being able to effectively help parts of the state they aren't currently able to get to. They are also determined to move the age group they help up to the age of 24 years. They offer 12 session programs that they are looking at getting more flexibility for their services. 

If you are interested in helping The Second Wind Fund organization they are always looking for volunteers, donations for prizes at their fundraising events and getting awareness out to the community about their services.

Give a shout out to Second Wind or donate to their cause HERE

It's Fun To Do Good and Unabusable knows it!

FatCats had the honor of visiting Dee Dee Niedzwiecki, Chairman/Co-founder of Unabuseable, at her home on Tuesday, August 28th, 2018. Dee Dee is a survivor of being a victim herself with abuse and has started her campaign of awareness that Abuse is Bull. Only one in four victims report domestic violence and Dee Dee is dedicated to helping others that have been in her situation.

Unabuseable is a state small non-profit organization with a board staff of three whom support and guides victims of domestic abuse out of their troubled situations. Unabuseable helps victims who have reached out to Northglenn, Denver, Longmont, Broomfield, and Levi police departments. Unabuseable offers housing support guidance and counseling to individuals and families. This non-profit organization has launched five years ago and all work is done out of Dee Dee and her husband's home.

The last two months Dee Dee has raised $3,000 with her side projects to help raise funds to support victims that reach out for help. Working with Touchstone Crystals and LuxePak all proceeds go to Unabuseable. She is determined to raise funds to help out her community as much as she can.

Future goals for Unabuseable are to find a piece of land and a generous architectural company and to raise enough money to build a safe house for long-term housing for victims of abuse. Another goal for Unabuseable is to be able to offer free childcare counseling.

Unabuseable is always looking for volunteers for fundraising events and event planning. They have a Golf Tournament hosted on October 3rd and they are looking for sponsors, volunteers, and donations. With a three-person board, they are looking for more board members who are supportive to the community. During the Christmas holiday, they are looking to find people to adopt a family to give gifts to children. If you are interested in lending a helping hand to Unabuseable you can reach them at Thank you Unabuseable for all your support in the community! 

Give a shout out to Unabusable or donate to their cause HERE