July, 2018

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and The Feline Fix in Commerce City, Colorado knows it!

The Feline Fix was recognized by Fat cats for the work they do into helping out not only people and their family cats in the community but the stray cats. 

Fatcats had the opportunity to visit with Stacey Baum, Marketing and Development Director, on Tuesday, June 22nd, to get more insight of how The Feline Fix helps out their community.  

The Feline Fix has been in their new location in Commerce City for 4 months now after being in their Denver location for 12 years! They are a source for free-roaming community cats and had accomplished spay and neutering 40,000 stray cats in the 13 years that they have been around. 

The Feline Fix has a few programs that benefit our kittens and kitten lovers in the community. Through the trap-neuter-release program, The Feline Fix is able to help kittens get off the streets, get vaccinated and find homes through the Foster and Adoption program. 

The Feline Fix is a clinic that not only helps our stray cats but also helps our own family cats by having affordable spay and neuter services. They are a clinic that does not look at income and is completely funded by donations. 

Their mission is to promote health and welfare of underserved cats through spay/neuter, limited veterinary services, trap-neuter-return, community outreach, collaboration, and education.

Give a shout out to The Feline Fix or donate to their cause HERE.

It's Fun To Do Good and Book Trust in Denver, Colorado knows it!

Fat cats recognized Colorado's non-profit organization, Book Trust, for the good they have been doing in the community and the help they have provided to local schools. 

We had the chance to visit with Tiffany Grady, Director of Individual Giving, on Tuesday, June 12th to learn more about how they help their community.

Book Trust leverages book choice and ownership to drive interest and grade level reading. Schools with Book Trust by there side have seen improvements in there student's reading grade levels starting the year with 35% of students at their reading grade level and ending the year with 54% students at their reading level.

 Book Trust has partnered with Scholastic to provide free resources and new books for students to pick out which one they like and can keep for their own. 
In the last three years, Book Trust has doubled the number of children they have helped and is expecting to help 55,000 children in this next year. 

Although Book Trust is national, the one located in Denver is staffed with 18 people who give so much in the community and has provided so many kids with reading material that they enjoy to read and let their imagination run wild. 

Book Trust has a monthly giving program that anyone is welcome to donate to.

Give a shout out to The Book Trust or donate to their cause HERE.