June, 2018

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Building Bridges | Denver Metro Area

It's Fun To Do Good and Building Bridges in Colorado knows it!

We had the opportunity to visit with Building Bridges and meet with Megan Devenport, Executive Director. Building Bridges mission is to equip resilient young leaders to transform divisive attitudes in their communities. They envision a more just and inclusive world, where engaged global citizens are fueled by the desire and the skills to come to deeply understand different perspectives, rather than to simply perpetuate their own. 

Building Bridges had just expanded last year Metro-wide, helping more and more women who get shut out of leadership rolls or purposes. Building Bridges focus' on youth in High School between 10th and 12th grade. Building Bridges has several programs to help women open up with self-discovery in reflection tools to grow to be leaders. One program they offer is the Transform Program including two retreats a 2 week Summer Intensive starting July 15th through July 29th. They also offer scholarships. This is a great way for women to learn the practice of empathy and how to recognize the humanity of another, including those that individuals may have been taught to fear and distrust, or even hate. Empathy is a lifelong, life-transforming practice. One person can make a difference, and in Building Bridges’ programs, individuals learn to voice their own opinions, gain the confidence to hold a different perspective from those around them, and skills to act on their vision.

Future Goals for Building Bridges is to continue to equip adults with more tools they will be able to use in their communities. Another big focus for them is to expand their board of directors and to grow the Alumni Program. Building Bridges is also looking for more volunteers as they are growing each year already helping 350 people this year!

Give a shout out to Building Bridges or donate to their cause HERE

Friends | Broomfield, CO

It's Fun To Do Good and Friends in Broomfield, CO knows it!

Friends of Broomfield began twenty years ago with Gina Coufal, Founder and Executive Director of Development, in her home! Her son was her inspiration!

We had the chance to visit with Gina at her newest building and meet with Rabin, who has been dedicated with Friends of Broomfield for several years! It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces who come regularly to bowl with us!
Friends of Broomfield has so much to offer from day programs to cooking classes and social programs. They have already helped over one hundred people through their programs this year and has guided and helped twenty individuals find a job!

Friends of Broomfield is a one of a kind service organization dedicated to not only creating a sense of community, but establishing a place where people feel motivated, feel like they belong and are making progress towards their goals. This is a place where women and men with a developmental disability have the opportunity to share their stories, their dreams, develop their talents and abilities and to be supported to live healthy, happy, and meaningful lives.

Future goals for Friends are to continue growing and to provide opportunities for our friends to receive and maintain jobs in the community!

Friends of Broomfield is doing a Crawfish Boil in July and are always looking for volunteers, donations and sponsorships for such events and social programs.

Give a shout out to Friends or donate to their cause HERE