March, 2018

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and Broomfield FISH knows it!

FatCats had the opportunity to visit with Broomfield FISH this morning and Mike was wonderful for giving us a tour or their building and their amazing grocery store! Broomfield FISH was founded in 1963 and was organized by six different churches who came together and was originally called "Broomfield Church Women United" and then later changed their name to "Fellowship in Serving Humanity" or FISH!

Broomfield FISH is not only a Food Pantry for families but they also provide other services such as rent utilities, prescription medications and they offer "Navigator Program" for volunteers to help those in need to find jobs and help them create a resume. They also offer free legal aid and they have a center for people with disabilities.

Broomfield FISH recently moved into their current building less than a year ago in which they are able to provide for double the families than in their previous building. In their previous building they were maxed out helping 15 families in a day where now they are able to help out up to 35 families!

They have 3 full time employees and 3 part time employees with 140 regular shift volunteers and at least another 100 extra volunteers throughout that want to help.  Even with their expired items they donate to farms to help feed their animals!

FISH's goal is to expand their services and become more of a one stop family resource center and to increase abilities to provide rent services for families. Another goal is to prevent families from getting to crises mode and becoming homeless.

Broomfield FISH helps families out with whatever they need help with. They are all friends helping friends and neighbors! 

Give a shout out to Broomfield FISH or donate to their cause HERE.

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and Growing Home in Westminster, Colorado knows it!

Growing Home is celebrating their 20th anniversary and the theme this year is '20 Years and Growing'! FatCats had the opportunity to visit with Growing Home yesterday and spoke with Pell, Chief Development Officer of Growing Home.

Their mission statement is to guide children and their families on the path to a brighter future. Their vision is to envision our communities working together so that all children and their families have a place to call home, food on the table, and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

 Growing Home started 20 years ago by the founder, Kathleen. They teamed up with Promise Neighborhood to provide homeless families to stay a few nights in churches. Growing Home provides a pantry for families to pick up meals, enough for three days at a time. They work on stabilizing families and nurturing children not only with food but helping kids get ready for school with their Parents' Teachers Program. 

In the last three years, Growing Home has helped over 5,000 families in 10-15 different ways. Their goal is to make sure all the services and programs they provide are effective.

Give a shout out to Growing Home or donate to their cause HERE.