December, 2017

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and Joyful Journeys in Broomfield, Colorado knows it!

This group - is helping low income families, from clothes, school supplies, food, after school activities (sports, dance and music) to santa shops - They are currently helping over 1000 families in Adams county  - They strive in making a difference before its too late- They are focused on helping the kids but also helping the parents, joyful journeys looks for solutions to the problems these families face instead of just putting a band aid over the situation. The founder Tasha has been building up Joyful Journeys for 7 years and is making great head way.

Give a shout out to Joyful Journeys or donate to their cause HERE.


It's Fun To Do Good and project PAY IT FORWARD in Colorado knows it!

These two special ladies and their volunteers are helping the homeless by getting hot meals prepared monthly and taking them down to civic park , they have also done coat drives to get winter coats for people in need. They are downtown during the sweeps trying to help out the people who have nothing and get something in their bellies along with something to keep them warm. They have also opened their own house for victims of a natural disaster looking for a new start in Denver.

They have been doing this for over 5 years and have first hand experience from hurricane Katrina and are just looking to make a difference for the people down on their luck.

Give a shout out to PAY IT FORWARD or donate to their cause HERE.