June, 2022

Family Support Center of Ogden

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

The Family Support Center of Ogden is an amazing organization. They started in 1979 with a passion about preventing child abuse. They have been helping with prevention and intervention servicing for child abuse for over 40 years now. They offer all sorts of services all completely free that are helpful for the community. They offer a “Kid Zone” for parents that need a break, they can bring them to this daycare service that will watch and take care of them. As well they can allow kids to stay overnight if necessary. They have a great Youth Development program that helps children work on their emotions, like if they have gone through traumatic experiences. Or just have a hard time dealing with their emotions. They offer great parenting and stepfamily classes, that just help nurture their children and help bringing in stepfamilies to be closer. Then another amazing service they offer is, peer parenting. It is an in-home visit where they help you with nurturing children and parenting class in the moment at your house, where they can see how parents and children interact with each other and help them to strengthen their relationships.