July, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Family Support Center

It's Fun To Do Good and The Family Support Center knows it!

Started in 1977 by the Junior League of Salt Lake City and the Utah Association for Children's Therapy (U-ACT), The Family Support Center was established in response to a pressing need for short-term crisis and respite care for children at risk for abuse or neglect. Our services have since expanded in breadth and depth to offer a network of programs to address multifaceted issues facing families today.

Give a shout out to The Family Support Cente or learn more about their cause HERE.

It's Fun To Do Good and Deseret Industries knows it!

When Deseret Industries (DI) opened in 1938, Elder John A. Widtsoe established four guiding purposes for it: “First, those who have will be given another type of opportunity to help those who have not. Second, waste will be reduced by keeping our possessions in use as long as possible. Third, the work of renovation will employ many now unemployed. Fourth, articles in common use, of good quality, will be available at a low cost” 

Give a shout out to Deseret Industries or learn more about their cause HERE.