April, 2022

First Step House

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

First Step House has been providing behavioral health treatment and housing to thousands of people in need for over 60 years. Specifically, they provide evidence-based services to low-income individuals experiencing chronic substance use disorders, co-occurring mental health conditions, homelessness, criminal justice involvement, and primary health conditions.
Their services are built on four Pillars of Care: Treatment, Housing, Employment, and Healthcare. Within the first pillar of Treatment, they provide residential and outpatient treatment, long-term recovery management, and peer support services. Within Housing, they offer time-unlimited housing case management services, transitional housing for Veterans, recovery housing, and permanent supportive housing. Under Employment, First Step House provides job coaching and placement and works with both the employee and the employer to ensure all needs are being met. Under Healthcare, they have an onsite medical team that provides integrated care.
Mission Statement
We help people build lives of meaning, purpose, and recovery.

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