February, 2020

First Step House

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

First Step House is a behavioral health treatment and housing provider based out of Salt Lake County. They offer help for individuals, Veterans, and families experiencing substance use disorders, homelessness, and mental health conditions. They use the highest quality, evidence-based, recovery-oriented services possible for those suffering from these conditions. They offer outpatient services, housing services, counseling, and ongoing support to those they help.

Their mission is to help people rebuild lives of meaning and purpose through recovery.

The Ronald McDonald House

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Ronald McDonald House is a charity that supports families with seriously ill or injured children. Ill Children cope and heal better when surrounded by loved ones. They provide a home away from home, at no cost, to the families for children who are receiving medical treatment at nearby facilities. They offer a supportive comforting environment and try to offer plenty of distractions and opportunities for family to make memories and have fun. Ronald McDonald House strives to provide families with the environment, support, and love so that their children can heal.