September, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and CTA Community Supports knows it!

The CTA community support has been around since 1985. They work with those in our community who are dealing with or have family on the autism spectrum. They work with local business to secure employment. They offer support, counseling, and help to those families with members who have autism. They also work to place those who need it in group homes. There are event special events and after school programs that the are in charge of to help those with autisms be more engaging and help the working family members. 

Give a shout out to CTA Community Supports or learn more about their cause HERE.

It's Fun To Do Good and Utah Health and Human Rights knows it!

Over 45% of refugees that come to the United States have been victims of torcher. The Utah Health and Human Rights center is there to help both refugees and those granted with asylum deal with the PTSD and health fall out that comes with such egregious acts. They have a very strict and specific screening process that people have to go through. Afterward, they provide support and help for as long as those affected need, which is sometimes for the remainder of their lives. They work with local doctors to help with their medical needs, local psychiatrists for help and PTSD, and then have a volunteer base that tries to help victims assimilate into both our cultures and lifestyles. 

Give a shout out to Utah Health and Human Rights or learn more about their cause HERE.