May, 2022

AZ Youthworks

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

Mission Statement

“AZ Youthworks is a non-profit organization that supports foster children living in group homes within Arizona. AZ Youthworks assists group homes in providing a home like environment where foster kids feel safe, nurtured and valued while making a difference in their lives.”

* We believe in meeting the needs of children in foster care without labeling them.
* We believe it is our duty, above all else, to ensure the children’s physical and emotional safety while in foster care.
* We believe that our board of directors and staff are here to serve our foster youth, and not the other way around.
* We believe that foster children should have the same opportunities as any other child in Arizona.
* We believe that aging out foster youth are an at-risk demographic, and our relationship with these youth does not end at age 18.

Our history:

AZ Youthworks Inc. was established in April of 2016. Everything we do is based on donations from our community.
Our goal is to provide as much as possible for foster kids in our community making them feel loved and valued.