September, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and The Center for Women and Children in Crisis knows it!

“Now I Can Foundation” redefines the term “living with a disability.'' They take people from all over the country who have illnesses and birth defects and help them with the pain. “Now I Can” use proven physical therapy methods that open pathways in the patient's brain that help treats the issue and give them a new lease on life. “Now I Can” doesn’t just accommodate the patient, but also houses the family at little to no cost during the patient's treatment. They do an outstanding job at making sure every single one of their patients is comfortable and well taken care of.

Give a shout out to The Center for Women and Children in Crisis or learn more about their cause HERE.

It's Fun To Do Good and Change4Love knows it!

Chage4Love is all about art and happiness. They consider it integral to their mission to nurture creativity and inspire the hero within, specifically through the arts.  In collaboration with professional artists, they encourage special needs artists to create works that they display, place in hospitals, and distribute as donation gifts. While the original works are displayed in participating hospitals, copies are displayed in galleries set up in shopping malls and made available for patrons making a donation. Most of the pieces are inspired by the artist's favorite superhero, mascot or fictional character, and Change4Love believes that everyone has superpowers and if we use our talents for good, we can change the world. They hope to be a part of that by inspiring the hero within through artwork. Let’s all change the world with love. 

Give a shout out to Change4Love or learn more about their cause HERE.