August, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and The now I can foundation knows it!

“Now I Can Foundation” redefines the term “living with a disability.'' They take people from all over the country who have illnesses and birth defects and help them with the pain. “Now I Can” use proven physical therapy methods that open pathways in the patient's brain that help treats the issue and give them a new lease on life. “Now I Can” doesn’t just accommodate the patient, but also houses the family at little to no cost during the patient's treatment. They do an outstanding job at making sure every single one of their patients is comfortable and well taken care of.

Give a shout out to The now I can foundation or learn more about their cause HERE.

It's Fun To Do Good and Utah CASA knows it!

CASA’s volunteer program is consistently growing with volunteers who want to make a difference in children’s lives. The CASA program allows community members an opportunity to change a child’s life. Having a consistent adult to support the child, can help to counteract the abuse and neglect the children have experienced in their pasts. These dedicated volunteers go with a child to their scary court dates and ensure the child feels safe in their environment. They constantly check on the child and remind them they are not alone. They give children hope.

“To give a child a CASA volunteer is to give them a voice. To give them a voice is to give them hope, and to give them hope is to give them the world. I believe that with all my heart.” -Pamela (former foster care child; CASA pamphlet)

Give a shout out to Utah CASA or learn more about their cause HERE.