May, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and the United Angels Foundation knows it!

The United Angels Foundation is an organization providing support and education for parents and families of individuals with special needs. Their support is available at different stages, starting when the child is diagnosed and through transition periods in life. They have events for the kids to promote social interactions, provide tablets for schools and have an annual walk (Walk with Angels). FatCats chose to recognize United Angels because of the priceless support given to parents, who are the first advocate for their kids. 

Give a shout out to the United Angels Foundation or learn more about their cause HERE.

It's Fun To Do Good and Officer David Romrell it!

When Whitney’s brother-in-law (Officer David Romrell) was killed in the line of duty, she, without hesitation, stepped up to raise money for the officer’s wife and child. Then took it further to raise additional funds so the family and members of the South Salt Lake Police Department can travel to Washington DC for a special ceremony, where Officer Romrell’s name will be added to the Fallen Officer Memorial wall.  

More information may be found HERE.