February, 2019

Knows It's Fun to do Good!

It's Fun To Do Good and the Community Action Services & Food Bank knows it!

FatCats was pleased to visit with Karen McCandless to honor Community Action Services & Food Bank in Provo on January 18th.


Community Action Services & Food Bank’s mission is to foster self-reliance in individuals, families, and communities. All services of the organization are free. This organization not only provides immediate assistance for those in need but also an individualized plan moving forward in self-reliance. The organization receives thousands of donations weekly. They keep a well-stocked facility of various items including but not limited to canned goods, baked goods, frozen meats, cooking oils and boxed food items. Volunteers help to sort through the food supplies and arrange it so that those in need can easily find what they are looking for. Weekly they assemble 1,700 kids nutrition packs for those who face food insecurity at home over the weekend. These kits are loaded with seven food items kids can easily prepare and eat themselves. They also provide hygiene kits for kids and adults. They rent small garden plots in Provo for those with low incomes and small yard space so that they can grow fresh produce. Community Action Services & Food Bank is doing amazing work for the community of Provo and surrounding areas and we chose to highlight them because of their genuine efforts to make a difference in the lives of others.

Give a shout out to Community Action or learn how to support their cause HERE.