Rexburg Arcade

Rexburg Arcade

See What's New at FatCats Rexburg Arcade!

Axe Master

Brand New Axe Throwing Arcade at FatCats Rexburg!

Axe Master takes the sport of axe throwing, as it skyrockets in popularity across the world, to the next level. Players toss rubberized “real feel” axes at a physical target in this multi-player, multi-game experience.

- Completely Safe Rubberized, Real-feel Axes
- No Waivers Required
- 2 Player Stations for Group Competition
- Win Tickets for Redemption Prizes

Pearl Fishery

Push pearls instead of coins to win big ticket bonuses - Push large orange pearls to activate the mini game and build ticket bonuses - Only at FatCats Rexburg!

Pearl Fishery takes the classic appeal of a coin pusher and mixes in the thrill of a multi-layered big-ticket game. Players drop small pearls down the pin board into a matrix of multipliers to win tickets and release Big Pearls onto the playing field, giving them access to a super bonus jackpot game for an even bigger ticket payout. Winning tickets are consistently paid out to reward players and keep the excitement levels high with tons of opportunities to win across multiple mini-games, making Pearl Fishery a uniquely entertaining amusement machine that’s fun for all ages.

The Big One

A brand-new GIANT crane with brand-new GIANT prizes - Only at FatCats Rexburg!

The Big One is a giant claw machine filled with plush toys and balls the size of a small cow. Not hard to find either, simply walk in the building and look right. There it is.

Monopoly Roll-N-Go - COMING SOON!

The Roarin' 20's is Back at FatCats Rexburg Arcade!

Get into the swing with Monopoly Roll ‘N Go! Skillfully spin the LED-lit dice to land on properties. Collect the same color family to win a Monopoly Bonus.

Monopoly Roll ‘N Go features two attractive 55″ LED screens combined with the lit up dice, creating the game of the decade – the roaring 20s are back!

Life-size Mr. Monopoly provides the perfect social media photo op!

DOUBLE DOWN – Put in 2x the tickets for a chance to win 2x the tickets!