$5 Tuesdays Gilbert

$5 Tuesdays Gilbert

$5 Tuesdays at FatCats Gilbert

Uh... YES! This really is a thing.

$5 Movie Tuesdays
at FatCats Gilbert

Every Movie, Every Age, All Day - $5

We know what you're thinking... "other guys do $5 Tuesdays too, what makes you so special?"

Glad you asked.

• All Reclining Seats

Every Seat in Every Theater at FatCats is a Plush, Comfortable Leather Recliner, and they're all just $5 on Tuesdays

• Food Delivered to Your Seat

Get delicious, hot food delivered right to your seat. Although the food is not included in the price of your ticket, the delivery is.

• Tons of Fun Things to do Before or After your Movie

We're not just a top-notch movie theater with a 4 star or greater review on nearly every review site. We have bowling, a huge (we mean huge) arcade, a miniature glow-in-the-dark golf course, and a Laser Frenzy. These attractions are not included in your ticket price but they are available before or after your movie for an exceptional time!

Get TWO days of $5 Movie Tickets!

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